Getting Started



We care about how to design your smart home and how your home looks and feels. That’s how Rigionn inspired to serve you with the consideration of how you will style, showcase and store smart tech and gadgets. With our expertise, some will look identical to the thing they are replacing, others are intended to be more of a statement piece.

Think about the control a smart home as a whole – lighting, air-conditioning, security, entertainment and if systems can work under same platform, that’s worth planning out too. If you have the perfect moment to start from scratch, for instance if you’re moving home, re-design and renovate, taking into account what you need for a smart home, should be your absolute first priority before you get to aesthetics.

We can help you to define the home automation technology, find the right equipment you need and then install it for you. This will ensure that the technology should blend in with the look and feel of the home.

1/Ask Yourself

What do you want to achieve? Security, health, energy saving or convenience? You don’t start with wondering what equipment you should use; you start with the desired end in mind.

2/Choose Technology

Considering the data breaches and hacking mishaps in the current, mainstream media, it’s completely normal to have reservations about adding smart home technology to your home or office.

Rigionn recommended Z-Wave as its unique mesh network technology enables you to securely connect hundreds of smart devices to your home.

3/Design & Plan

Do you want every room in your home to be smart or just a few? Try to figure out how you envision your smart home working, you’ll need to install devices, connect them to your network, and ensure they’re working with the controller of your choice.

4/Get Gadgets

Get the software and hardware you need. E.g. Controller, Sensors, switches and other equipment. Deciding on the right devices for your requirements and cutting through the crazy amount of jargon out there can feel overwhelming.


Almost every smart home device connects to a companion smartphone app. However, the best experience is use a single service that enable you to manage and control all of your smart gadgets at once. But the drawback is the perceived complexity, some people have difficulty with technology or will give up on it with the first annoyance.

Rigionn vision is to assist you to build an intuitive home that’s always ready to help when your family needs it the most.

6/Safe & Enjoy

Life will be much more convenient if all the devices and appliances within the home are connected, allowing them to synchronise and communicate with each other. You can enjoy the convenience of running your home easily through the smart phone, tablet or even voice commands that makes everyday tasks easier.

Rigionn aims to help you personalised with user friendly functions that you needs in secure manner. Also, our objective is the spaces shouldn’t be interrupted by technology no matter what the design style.

Make Home Smart with an Eye for Design Now!

Want to have a renovation project that blends all smart gadgets into your desired design without ruin the beauty of your interior design efforts? We’re here to answer any questions you might have about living in a Smart Home with style.