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Think of it as something like Iron Man’s Jarvis, in which billionaire inventor Tony Stark would wake up in his home with artificial intelligence-based personal assistant and go through his entire daily routine without having to lift a finger?

As the fantasy becomes the real and our homes become increasingly able to take care of themselves, we take a closer look at what a day in the life of a truly connected home might look like and how you can get ahead of the trend by setting one up!


Waking up by a gently increasing glow of light, the blinds slowly rise, letting in the natural morning sunlight and  your favorite radio station fades up. Getting out of bed, the bedroom temperature is maintain at ambient temperature. Heading into the bathroom, the lights come on automatically and the radio program you were just listening to is already playing. Whilst you shower, the room detects the rise in humidity and triggering the ventilation system to extract the wet air.

Heading downstairs to the kitchen, the kitchen blinds raise, revealing the view of the skyline for you to enjoy with your breakfast. You use your single remote to check the day’s news on the discreetly installed TV.


Before heading off for the day, you tap out to set the alarm knowing that as you do so, the air-condition and the lights turn off to save energy in your absence. Even when the kids leave the TV and lights on in their rooms, the house switches everything off when you set the alarm.

While you are out for the day, the sun heats start to get too hot the building automatically lowers the blinds to reduce solar gain and keep the interior temperature stable. While away mode, the building uses sensors to keep an eye on your home and reports any activity immediately to your smartphone so you can monitor security remotely.


On your way home in the evening, the house starts to prepare for your arrival. When required, the air conditional system set your rooms to a comfortable temperature. If you find that you get super sweaty, you might want to shower first, so on the way home you use your smartphone to tell the building to heat up the water for later.

As you arrive, you tap your digital lock by the front door and it opens electronically. The lights are beautifully lit to welcome you home.  The alarm is deactivated and the stunningly designed hall and kitchen lighting fades up to light your way.


It is a nice evening, after dinner and conversation with your love one, you decide is time for a film. In the living room, you use the simple remote to select the scene to cinema mode, the blinds were closed and lights were dimmed. The TV and sound entertainment system comes to life, you navigate the simple, clear menus to choose a film and in one click it starts to play, in stunning quality. The cinematic surround sound is incredible where the sound is coming from as the discreet speakers are totally hidden.


Bed time, the lighting comes on automatically as you pass through the walkway to bedroom. The bedrooms are cosy, blinds in the bedrooms have lowered for privacy. In bed, you commands the virtual assistant go into bed time mode by switch off the lights and the room temperature sets back to a lower setting for the night. Once again, before you wake the next day, the house prepares to provide you with smart and comfortable lifestyle­ automatically.

How to Achieve Your Smart Home Goal?

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