Customize Styles


After a strong foundation built for home automation, such as an smart hub that controls your whole smart home gadget, the possibilities are endless. Smart home scenes set the mood for different activities, or simply to manage your day to day schedule.

Wake Up & Good Night

You don’t have to worry about switching the light switches, drawing the shades or turning on or off the air conditional. Your smart home can do it for you all at once.

Cozy Night

Grab your besties, your dog or your Grab Food order, in one single command, start the entertainment system with perfect ambient… and have the coziest night.

Away Scene

Conserve the energy when no one at home and event triggered scene such as fire evacuation or thief invasion to activate lighting, siren or remote notification.

Pool Party

If it’s a night rendezvous, you can add a lighting setting to the scene and brighten the pool, walkways, and bar area. Press one button, and it all turns on instantly!


Smart homes in the 21st century has applied automation technology in every manual operation thus giving home owners full control of their home without sacrificing safety and ease of access. The perfect smart home incorporates and seamlessly integrates all the basic components.


Smart Hub
The heart of your smart home


Smart Sensors
A sensor literally senses elements it’s meant to and functions accordingly


Smart Devices
Actual appliances designed specifically to connect and communicate with other devices via Smart Hub


Internet Gateway
Router to be correctly and securely set up to connect to outside world


Security System 
Smart homes should keep an eye on things 24/7 so you don’t have to


Here are some points need to be consider and things to keep in mind when you decide whether to call in a pro to help you get a smart home up and running.

Physical Installation on Smart Gadgets

Hands-on installation workmanship, electrician skills and right tools are require to mount the cameras, install the sensors and fixed the smart locks after you tug out your old locks before it can be installed.

Technical Know-how for Configuration

The technical know-how of getting all your smart devices talking to each other is the essential for smart home to be smart. You don’t want to lay out for a smart home juggling ten different apps before you go to bed each night.


Time and Budget & Result

You have to think yourself can you save both time and money doing things yourself and get what you really want or this will be frustrating time-consuming and wasting money experience with ugly design outcome.