About Us


RIGIONN INTERIOR RENOVATION is a Sole Proprietor, incorporated on 26 June 2003 in Singapore and has been operating for almost 15 years. The Business’s principal activity is renovation contractors with interior design services as the secondary activity.

Interior Renovation & Smart Home Integration

As smart home technology continues to improve, it’s influence on interior design will continue to grow. We are a team with ambitious ideas to redesign and renovate on occasion where home automation has the potential to be truly revolutionary. Fashion, technology and design are going to integrate under same roof.

Hundreds Of Renovation Projects Islandwide

With hundreds of renovation projects accomplished under our belt throughout Singapore islandwide, we are confidence that that we can produce more by help you to integrate home automation into your lifestyle.



When you engage us, we take pride in every job and guarantee workmanship and true professionalism. We has dedicated ourself to providing ultimate solutions with offering top-rated materials, you will be left worry free.

Smart Home


Our Mission is to create a better quality of life with emphasis on ‘smart’ technology as a mean for sustainability. Changing consumer demand for greater personalisation and convenience by naturally accelerate or remediate and support instructional practices.

Change Live To The Best

Lead to a far better, comfortable, and easier lifestyle for people

Start With A Vision

Purposeful integration between smart technology and sustainability into daily life

Convenient Automation

Lead to an improved and more comfortable environment with Internet of Things (IoT)

Education & Upgrowth

Enable consumer to integrate smart home into their living seamlessly into fashion and style.



We are excel with aspects of interior designing and renovation requirement in Singapore. We build your vision in innovative and collaborative approach to achieve smart home by our talented in-house designers and technology advisers whose are skilled through every step of the design-integrate-build process.

Our services:

  • Renovation & Interior Design/Re-modelling
  • Aircon Installation
  • Carpentry, Curtains & Blinds Services
  • Electrical & Plumbing Works
  • Flooring, Lighting & Painting Services
  • Window/Door Grilles & Gate Installation
  • Home Safety and Monitoring System
  • Intelligent Automation and Energy Saving Solutions
  • Home Healthcare Realization


Our qualified personnel provide integration services to make homes smarter, industries connected, and healthcare more efficient.

We are balance between craftsman and designers afford new values to merge the physical and the virtual worlds allowing it to adapt to the design & aesthetical requirements of our customers.

Interior Renovation

We are commit to cater to our customer needs with no compromise to ensuring the works delivered in time with superior craftsmanship.

Interior Design

Our designers keep up with all the trends in design and style, and increasingly that means keeping up with smart systems and latest integrated home technology innovations.

Smart Home

We study your requirements, decide what you need and come out with proposal which are tailor-made just that works for you; We design unique products fits into your lifestyle and home fashion seamlessly.